SPARKS are the little flashes of light that work behind the scenes at camp to ensure camp is running smoothly. SPARKS are SUPPORTIVE PROACTIVE ASSISTANTS RADIATING a KIND SPIRIT. 

SPARKS help behind the scenes in a variety of areas around camp. They can be found working in the kitchen, cleaning the shower house, assisting in activities, washing dishes, delivering mail, helping with administrative tasks, collecting trash, and more.

SPARKS stay on-site, overnight for the entire session. They live in cabins with campers and counselors and enjoy meals with the camp community.

SPARKS are encouraged to actively participate in camp life and interact with campers and other staff while serving in this role.

Applicants for the SPARKS role are middle-school-aged youth, aged 11 – 14 years old, who have a servant’s heart, and a great work ethic. They can follow directions, are comfortable with a flexible schedule, can handle different tasks each day throughout the session, and have a pleasant disposition.

Should you have any questions about serving as a SPARKS program, please contact our Camp Director directly.

This role was formerly known as Staff Assistant, please select Staff Assistant on the application when applying,

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