Senior Counselors

"We love the camp family! It's what bring us back every year."
Aunt Heather

Senior counselors are adults (age 22 and older) who make camp run each day and throughout the year. They are the backbone of Camp PARC!

Senior counselors come from an incredible array of professionals with diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique skills and talents to Camp PARC. From farmers and lawyers, to artists and engineers, to teachers, bankers, and everything in between our adult staff is a unique group that come from all over the country to create a welcoming and inclusive place.

Senior Counselors lead daily camp activities, supervise resident cabins, assist Junior Counselors with camper needs, plus generate and share the Camp PARC spirit with enthusiasm. 
Many of our Senior Counselors are experienced Junior Counselors who have chosen to continue volunteering at camp in their adult life. While others are completely new to Camp PARC but want to make a difference in the lives of others and meet some other really cool people!
Jump into something new today and join our ranks this summer. No specific experience or degree is required, just a heart to serve and endurance stamina to keep the pace of a summer camp environment.

“As a Senior Counselor at Camp PARC, you’re not just leading activities; you’re shaping moments, fostering friendships, and creating the camp magic. This isn’t your typical volunteer position; it’s a meaningful investment in others, an opportunity to make lasting memories and a chance to truly live in community.”

Should you have questions about this role, feel free to contact us at or 814-410-5343.

Please note that all Pennsylvania state-mandated clearances are required for anyone, age 18 and older, volunteering at Camp PARC.

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