Senior Staff

Senior Staff

Senior staff are adults (age 22 and older) who make camp run each day and throughout the year. They are the backbone of Camp PARC!

Senior Staff are divided into teams with specific roles.

Senior Counselors

Senior Counselors lead daily camp activities, supervise resident cabins, assist Junior Counselors with camper needs, plus generate and share the Camp PARC spirit with enthusiasm. Many of our Senior Counselors are experienced Junior Counselors who have chosen to continue volunteering at camp in their adult life.

If you are interested in serving as a Senior Counselor, please contact our Camp Directors, Judy and Ted Risch, at or 814-410-5343.

Medical Staff

Active, licensed, and insured healthcare professionals work together as a team in providing a safe environment for all campers, staff, and volunteers. All medical volunteers serve a full session and stay on-site at all times during their selected session. The medical team at each session provides first aid, pours and distributes medications, and applies topical treatments.

No medical specialty area is required, however, having the patience and stamina to work with individuals with special needs in a campsite setting is necessary. If you interested in serving as part of the medical team please contact our Camp Directors, Judy and Ted Risch, at 814-410-5343 or at

Kitchen Staff

Under the leadership of an experienced food service professional, these dedicated and hard-working volunteers help prep, cook, and serve three meals daily, as well as snacks, plus keep the kitchen and its equipment clean and sanitized.  No experience is needed. Questions regarding the Kitchen Staff should be addressed to our Kitchen Team leader, Chris Wallace at

Custodial Staff

These valuable and important volunteers maintain a clean and sanitized facility for campers, counselors, staff, volunteers, and visitors during the camping sessions. This group of individuals helps with kitchen and bathhouse cleaning, dishwashing, garbage collecting, and laundry, as well as light maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, window and door repairs, and minor plumbing.

Interested in serving as custodial staff, please email or call 814-410-5343.

All Pennsylvania state-mandated clearances are required for anyone, age 18 and older, volunteering at Camp PARC.


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