Childcare Counselors

Many of our adult resident staff bring their entire family to Camp PARC to enjoy the experience together. In order to fulfill their duties at camp, they require childcare counselors to care for their children. 

Childcare Counselors provide care for children spanning a large age group. We understand that caring for children of varying ages requires different skills, abilities, and stamina. Camp PARC has divided the child care into two groups: School-Aged and Infant/Toddler. Childcare counselor applicants can select their preference during the application process. 

School Age Child Care

These counselors must have completed 6th grade. They are responsible for caring for staff children, ages preschool through 4th grade, during ALL camp activities and assist with their care during mealtimes and bath/bedtimes. This role requires 24-hour quality care throughout the entire camping session.

Infant/Toddler Care

These childcare counselors must have prior childcare experience, especially with the needs of babies and toddlers. They will provide 24-hour care for an infant/toddler up to 3 years of age and participate in as many Camp activities as is possible for the age of the child. It requires patience, understanding, enthusiasm and stamina to take on this very difficult task of caring for very young children.

Childcare counselors stay on-site overnight for the entire session. They live in a cabin with their assigned child(ren), other childcare counselors and their assigned children and at some sessions, also campers. They assist with the daily functioning of the cabin as needed, and attend camp events with the children.

Childcare counselors play a vital role in allowing camp to run efficiently and is a unique opportunity to serve Camp PARC. They build relationships with resident staff and their families and also engage and connect with campers.

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