"We see service as more than long hours, sweat, or sacrifice.
It’s how we show compassion and love."

Camp PARC is a volunteer-powered organization. Without our dedicated and caring volunteers, Camp PARC would cease to exist. 

Our volunteers make a direct impact in our mission of enriching the lives of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our volunteers create an inclusive environment that provides uplifting and memorable experiences for everyone involved. 

Camp PARC offers volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups, as full-time resident volunteers or one-time event volunteers. 

Applications for resident volunteers at Camp PARC 2023 are open! 


Junior Counselors

Junior counselors are full participants at Camp PARC. Each junior counselor is paired with one or two individuals with special needs to experience a fun-filled week together. Junior Counselors can join us beginning at age 14 and do not need any prior training or experience to join!

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Senior Staff

Senior staff are adults who provide leadership, and supervision, build camaraderie and facilitate activities throughout each camping session. 

Senior Staff are divided into teams with specific roles.

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Peer Buddies

Peer buddies work cooperatively with their assigned Junior Counselor to provide a fun-filled camping experience for one peer with special needs. This role is exclusive to the Youth Mini-Camp session.

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Media Staff

Media volunteers have the task of capturing all aspects of camp through the eye of a lens. These volunteers have specific skills in photography and/or videography. They help communicate the sparkling moments at Camp PARC in footage captured each day!

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