Risch Pavilion Project

The Risch Pavilion will be a versatile space that fosters connection, growth, and endless possibilities. 
More than just a structure, it will serve as a shelter for a diverse range of activities, a gathering point for shared laughter,
and a platform for educational experiences.
At Camp PARC, we believe in creating a haven where memories are made, friendships flourish,
and joy resonates in every moment. The Risch Pavilion will be the heart of our haven.
Goal $90,000

All contributions given to this project are held in a special account at the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

Bridge the gap

Help us bridge this financial hurdle and complete the Risch Pavilion in the Fall of 2024. 

Donations can be made to the Camp PARC Forever Friends Fund at the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. Visit them online at www.cfalleghenies.org or call (814) 536-7741. 

Whether big or small, every donation contributes to the realization of our Pavilion project. Together, we can build a lasting legacy that echoes your commitment to creating a space where everyone belongs.

Pavilion Update - February 19, 2024

At the request of Laurel Hill State Park, the installation of the Risch Pavilion is now scheduled for the Fall of 2024.

This decision has been made to support the efforts of the dedicated team at Laurel Hill State Park, who are currently immersed in essential renovation projects at Group Camp #8. By rescheduling the Risch Pavilion Project, we ensure that their focus remains on completing Group Camp #8 renovations, allowing us to host camp there this summer. The well-being and enjoyment of our campers are at the forefront of our decisions, and we appreciate the commitment of the Laurel Hill State Park team to make this happen.

Additionally, the updated timeline offers Camp PARC the opportunity to secure the additional funding required to move this project forward. We are grateful for the ongoing support of our community and are confident that, with this extended timeframe, we can make the Risch Pavilion a reality and enhance the Camp PARC experience even further.

We look forward to sharing more updates as we make progress on this project.

What Is Happening with the Risch Pavilion?

Pavilion Update - October 18, 2023

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in providing you with this update. We should have communicated the situation to everyone sooner, and we understand that this lack of timely information may have caused frustration or concern. We are working to ensure that accountability is a core principle in everything we do and will provide more updates as our plans progress. 

Nov 2019

Camp PARC had secured enough funding to purchase the pavilion and had a construction company committed to complete the installation. In January of 2020, the initial payment to begin the ordering process of the pavilion was put down and the construction company was scheduled for an early June installation.

In March of 2020 the world was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Pennsylvania, the governor ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses to close physical locations and construction was banned in virtually every category. Unfortunately, this put an immediate halt to Camp PARC’s pavilion project, and the ordering process was stopped. 

March 2020

May 2020

Non-essential construction projects were permitted to begin in early May of 2020; however, most construction companies were behind schedule due to the shutdown. The construction company that is installing the pavilion is donating its services to complete this project, so Camp PARC was moved to the bottom of the project list until they could successfully catch up with their paying customers. We remained in contact with the construction company and put a tentative date of Fall 2021 to install the pavilion.

In order to move forward with the pavilion in Fall of 2021, the pavilion would need to be requoted. The price of the pavilion rose by 37.5% when it was requoted in August of 2021, plus there was a delay in production of over 18 weeks. This delay meant that the pavilion would not be ready for installation in Fall 2021, but would instead arrive sometime in December. Due to the increased price and lack of storage options for the pavilion during the winter, we were forced to postpone the project once more.

Aug 2021

Feb 2023

At the beginning of 2023, we again had the pavilion requoted again, fully expecting that lumber prices had dropped since the increase during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we’re saddened to share that we were presented with our biggest price increase to date. From August 2021 to January 2023 the price of the pavilion increased another 50%. 

Following the pandemic, there have been significant increases in raw materials plus increases in labor costs. Since we began this project in 2015 the price of the pavilion has increased by 145%. 

Despite our best efforts to move this project forward the effects of the pandemic on this project are beyond our control. As of October 2023, we need an additional $40,000 to cover the cost of the pavilion structure. That leaves no extra income for picnic tables, outdoor pavilion curtains, or any incidentals that may occur during installation.

We are working diligently with the pavilion fabrication company, our construction partners, and local funders to address these financial hurdles to move forward as quickly as possible. Currently, Group Camp #8 at Laurel Hill State Park is undergoing other major renovations on the dining hall, shower house, and rec hall. It is our earnest hope that we can secure the necessary funding to move forward with the installation of the pavilion in June of 2024. The leadership team is actively seeking alternative solutions and exploring every avenue to ensure we can meet this goal without compromising the quality or safety of this project.

We are committed to delivering on our promise to provide an exceptional open-air gathering space for Camp PARC and Laurel Hill State Park.

Oct 2023

Check out the renovations happening at Group Camp #8 in Laurel Hill State Park.
Click the image below.

Groundbreaking Ceremony - July 2019

Risch Pavilion Project
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