Resident Volunteers

A resident volunteer plays a pivotal role in fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities during Camp PARC’s summer sessions.

Every summer, people of all ages, from across the United States join us to serve.

A resident volunteer is an immersive volunteer experience. These volunteers are integral members of the Camp PARC community and live alongside our campers, day and night, for an entire session. Some resident volunteers choose to serve at multiple sessions.

Resident volunteers offer personal care, emotional support, companionship, and guidance. These volunteers engage and participate alongside our campers in programs and activities. Some resident roles provide food nourishment, medical care, and capturing memories. These roles require specific skills and/or qualifications. 

Active participation of our resident volunteers in community life and events is integral to the community at Camp PARC. By immersing yourself in the camp program as a resident volunteer you not only enrich your own experience but also contribute to the vibrancy of our community.

Serving in one of the resident volunteer roles at Camp PARC is a unique opportunity to live in community, serve alongside other awesome and caring people, plus develop and learn practical and creative skills. 

Check out the available resident volunteer positions below.


Junior Counselors

Junior counselors are full participants at Camp PARC. Each junior counselor is paired with one or two individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to experience an awesome summer camp session together. Junior Counselors can join us beginning at age 14 and do not need any prior training or experience to join!

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Senior Counselors

Senior Counselors are adults (22+) who provide leadership and supervision, build camaraderie, and facilitate activities throughout each camping session. No professional experience or specific field of training is necessary. A heart to serve and endurance to maintain the pace of an active summer camp environment.

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Medical Staff

Active, licensed, and insured healthcare professionals work together as a team to provide a safe environment for all campers, staff, and volunteers. The medical team at each session provides first aid, pours and distributes medications, and applies topical treatments.

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Peer Buddies

Peer buddies work cooperatively with their assigned Junior Counselor to create an enjoyable and lively camp experience with one camper peer. This role is exclusive to the Youth Mini-Camp session.

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Media Staff

Media volunteers have the task of capturing all aspects of camp through the eye of a lens. These volunteers have specific skills in photography and/or videography. They help communicate the sparkling moments at Camp PARC in footage captured each day!

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Kitchen & Custodial Staff

From crafting delicious and nourishing meals to maintaining a clean and inviting atmosphere, this dedicated team plays a pivotal role in creating community at Camp PARC. This boisterous crew is dedicated to their task but has loads of fun while providing nourishment for campers and staff.

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Formerly known as Staff Assistants, this dedicated group of young volunteers work behind the scenes helping make sure the next activity is set up, wash dishes, serve meals deliver mail and so much more. These Supportive Proactive Assistants Radiating a Kind Spirit help make Camp PARC run smoothly each day.

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