Camp PARC programs are designed for individuals with a variety of diagnoses: who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities related to autism, cerebral palsy, brain injury, and Down, Tourette, and other syndromes. Many clients also have physical disabilities, hearing or vision impairment, and other medical conditions. 

We welcome individuals with varying abilities, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment.

Camp PARC is an overnight and recreational camp involving large group activities, barrack-style sleeping quarters, shared bathrooms, cafeteria-style seating for meals, and many outdoor activities.

Successful campers at Camp PARC are able to live in a group setting, are willing to participate in – or commit to trying – new activities in large groups, and want to have fun!

Individuals who find busy paces, outdoor settings, noise, or large groups challenging may not find Camp PARC to be a good fit. To discuss a prospective camper’s compatibility, or for more information, please contact Ted Risch, Camp Director at

Camp PARC campers must also physically be able to traverse the camp property. Hills, uneven ground, and rocks are all part of the natural terrain at Camp PARC. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs (manual or power), electric scooters, or other mobility devices. If your camper has mobility restrictions, please call and speak with our directors prior to submitting an application at (814) 410-5343. 

Camp PARC campers must also be free of restrictive medical devices such as, but not limited to: colostomy bags, oxygen tanks, daily injections, and IV medications (our nurses are great, but care is basic with no doctor on site) 

Camp PARC is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all campers, staff, and volunteers at all times. Our volunteer staff is trained to support most behavioral needs, except for frequent and routine acts of violence, physical aggression, or self-harm. 

If you have any questions, our camp director is happy to consult with you to determine if Camp PARC is equipped to meet the needs of your camper.

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