2023 Theme

2023 Theme

The record player has been dusted off, Aunt Judy has been busy organizing her cassette tapes, and Uncle Ted has fixed up an old radio for the adventure that awaits you at Camp PARC 2023 as we, Journey Through the Decades! 

Our trip down memory lane will explore the past ten decades focusing on fashion, music, dance, friendship, and fun.

During your stay at Camp PARC, you will experience what life was like during each of these past decades. We will reminisce the memorable moments, re-enact newsworthy events, relive daily life situations, and meet the people who made each of these decades unique.

Campers and counselors will have a blast groovin’ to the music and learning dances of these decades. They will also share special talents while impersonating famous people and stars, who became the heroes and legends of their time.

Dig out your bell bottoms, gather your poodle skirts, and get your dancing shoes ready for an exciting journey through the 1920s to 2020s at Camp PARC this summer!

We can’t wait to see you!

2023 Theme
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