Individuals who are not able to stay at the campsite overnight, but can travel to the site to participate on certain, specified days can participate in projects, help with activities, and interact with our participants. Depending on the background and experience, these adult volunteers can also assist with the medical staff, kitchen staff, custodial staff, photographers, or they might help with special events.


Groups can make a lasting impression on our participants as well as the community! Our volunteer opportunities are an excellent way for local organizations, corporations, and  businesses to enable their staff to get involved in the community and share their time, energy, and talents to help Camp PARC provide activities that nurture the social, cultural, recreational, environmental, and spiritual well-being of our participants.

This experience is a fantastic way to not only make a direct impact in the lives of individuals with special needs, but also participate in a great team-building exercise. Volunteering at Camp PARC creates an atmosphere of camaraderie as you interact with our participants and work on projects and activities that help us maintain our exceptional programs.

Group opportunities include, but are not limited to:


assist in the set-up, preparation, serving, and clean up of a special theme dinner at each of the camping sessions.

Carnival Volunteers:

assist in the set-up and operation of Camp Carnival games. Must be accompanied by an adult if under the age of 16. Carnival is held during the Friday evening of Main Camp and Wednesday afternoon of Mini Camp.

Equipment Transport Volunteer:

on designated dates, trucks and drivers are needed to assist in hauling goods and equipment between our warehouse /office in Davidsville, Pa., and the campsite at Laurel Hill State Park.

Fundraising Events Volunteer:

Camp PARC hosts many fundraising events throughout the year. Please visit the Fundraising Events page for more information.


Individuals and groups interested in involunteering at Camp PARC, should contact


Additional Resident Volunteer positions for the 2018 season. These roles are often behind the scences, but are vital support to the overall mission of Camp PARC. These positions are available to adults, senior high youth and/or college students.

Resident Photographer and Social Media Manager: The resident volunteer photographer position would capture images each day of the session. Edit images as needed to have them ready for print, online publications, and digital distribution. This position would post images and assist in managing social media throughout the camping session.

Resident Videographer: Camp PARC is looking for a volunteer at each camping session to produce high quality videos. The intent of the videos is to create promotional materials that would post to the Camp PARC website and YouTube Channel. The videographer will shoot footage and manage the editing. This volunteer must have their own equipment.

Sound Technician: Camp PARC is looking for individuals who enjoy working with high quality sound systems. Seasoned sound technicians are needed, but but beginners with a good ear are welcome. Individual will be responsible for helping set up the sound system (mics, taped cues, etc.) cue microphones, sound effects CD's, music--whatever is needed for a particular event.

If you are interested in participating at Camp PARC 2018 in one of the Auxiliary Staff roles please fill out the 2018 Staff Volunteer Application and one of our staff members will be in touch. Should you have additional questions regarding these positions, please email Sarah Wallace or call 814-410-5343 for more information.

Staff Assistants work behind the scenes and provide support to Senior Staff. While serving, Staff Assistants have the chance to connect with their peers, other volunteers and campers. The Staff Assitant program has proven to be a great way to introduce the spirit of service, tolerance and acceptance. There are two types of Staff Assistants.


Daily Staff Assistants

Daily Staff Assistants help Senior Staff with activities during morning rotations, various cleaning tasks around camp, meal time set up and clean up, and small ground-keeping projects, as well as preparing for special events. The Daily Staff Assistants program is exclusive to the Adult Full Week session and participants in the program have completed 5th through 8th grade. This active bunch of day-to-day volunteers arrive each day at 9am and leave at approximately 3 pm. If you are interested in serving as a Daily Staff Assitant in 2018, please fill out the Daily Staff Assistant Application by April 30.

Should you have any questions, please email or call 814-659-7471.


Resident Staff Assistants

Camp PARC will offer a Resident Staff Assistant program at the Adult Mini Camp and Youth Mini Camp sessions. Resident Staff Assistants reside on-site for the duration of their selected session and are Junior High and Senior High aged students. The Resident Staff Assistant program provides additional support to Senior Staff while gaining valuable leadership and life skills.

Resident Staff Assistants help Senior Staff with activities, special events, in the kitchen, administrative work and various cleaning tasks. While focusing Resident Staff Assistants' skills to one or two areas they learn how to lead, delegate, problem solve, and create new ideas to help them grow.

Please fill out the Staff Volunteer Application if you are interested in serving as a Resident Staff Assistant during the 2018 season. Any additional questions regarding the Resident Staff Assistants program, please email or call 814-410-5343.

A "Peer Buddy" is a role exclusive to the Youth Mini Camp Session.

Peer Buddies are neurotypical children ages 7 through 14. These individuals stay at Camp for the entire Youth Mini-Camp session and work cooperatively with their assigned Junior Counselor to provide a meaningful camping experience for one peer who has special needs and is also in the same age range. The Peer Buddy must be positive, enthusiastic role models and friends to our campers, and have a caring, compassion heart.

If you are interested in participating as a Peer Buddy for the 2018 season, please fill out the 2018 Staff Application and one of our directors will get in touch with you. Should you have any questions about the Peer Buddy program, please contact our Camp Director directly.

In order for some of our Senior Staff to serve at Camp PARC, they must bring their children with them to enjoy the experience. Childcare Counselors are needed to care for these children so that their parents can uphold their responsibilities as Senior Staff. Childcare Counselors are broken into two groups, depending on the age of the child(ren) for which they are caring:

School Age Child Care

These counselors must have completed 6th grade. They are responsible for caring for staff children, ages preschool through 4th grade, during ALL camp activities and assist with their care during mealtimes and bath/bedtimes. This requires 24-hour quality care throughout the entire camping session.

Infant/Toddler Care

These childcare counselors must have prior childcare experience, especially with the needs of babies and toddlers. They will provide 24-hour care for an infant/toddler up to 3 years of age and participate in as many Camp activities as is possible for the age of the child. It requires patience, understanding, enthusiasm and stamina to take on this very difficult task of caring for very young children.


If you are interested in participating at Camp PARC 2018 as a Child Care Counselor, please fill out the 2018 Staff Application and one of the camp directors will be in touch with you. Should you have any further questions about being a Childcare Counselor, please contact our Camp Director or call 814-410-5343.

Junior Counselors are the heart and soul of Camp PARC, their dedication, compassion and enthusiasm is what our campers take home with them and will long remember. Junior Counselors are neurotypical senior high or college youth or adults who provide 24-hour care to one or two individuals with special needs throughout the camping session.

Truly, they put service above self for the entire session, as the needs of their camper takes precedent over their own needs for this week. Participation with campers in ALL activities is required. Additionally, they must possess stamina and a caring heart, as well as the ability to work cooperatively with the Senior Staff in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

The vast majority of our Junior Counselors return year after year, a testament to the impact that Camp PARC has made on their lives.

If you are interested in participating as a junior counselor this summer, please fill out the 2018 Staff Application and one of our directors will be in touch with you. In the meantime should you have any additional questions, please email or call 814-410-5343.

Senior Staff are adults (age 22 and older) who make camp run each day and throughout the year. They are the backbone of Camp PARC! Senior Staff are divided into teams with specific roles.

Senior Counselors

Senior Counselors lead daily camp activities, supervise resident cabins, assist Junior Counselors with camper needs, plus generate and share the Camp PARC spirit with enthusiasm. Many of our Senior Counselors are experienced Junior Counselors who have chosen to continue volunteering at camp in their adult life.

If you are interested in serving as a Senior Counselor in 2018, please fill out the Staff Application. Should you have any questions about serving as a Senior Counselor please contact one of our Camp Directors, Judy and Ted Risch at or 814-410-5343.

Medical Staff

Active, licensed and insured healthcare professionals work together as a team in providing a safe environment for all campers, staff, and volunteers. All medical volunteers serve a full session and stay on sight at all times during their selected session. The medical team at each session provides first aid, pours and distributes medications, and applies topical treatments.

No medical specialty area is required, however, having the patience and stamina to work with individuals with special needs in a campsite setting is necessary. If you interested in serving as part of the medical team at any of the sessions in 2018, please fill out the Staff Application. Questions regarding the Medical Team should be addressed to our Medical Team leader, Melinda Miller, at

Kitchen Staff

Under the leadership of an experienced food service professional, these dedicated and hard-working volunteers help prep, cook, and serve three meals daily, as well as snacks, plus keep the kitchen and its equipment clean and sanitized.  No experience is needed. This is one of our biggest needs during summer so if you or someone you know has a heart for cooking, please contact Chris Wallace at

Custodial Staff

These valuable and important volunteers maintain a clean and sanitized facility for campers, counselors, staff, volunteers, and visitors during the camping sessions. This group of individuals help with kitchen and bathhouse cleaning, dishwashing, garbage collecting, and laundry, as well as light maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, circuit breakers, window and door repairs, and plumbing.

Interested in serving as custodial staff, please fill out the 2018 Staff Application and one of our staff members will contact you. Should you have any questions about serving on our Custodial Staff, please email or call 814-410-5343.


All Pennsylania State mandated clearances are required for anyone, age 18 and older, volunteering at Camp PARC.

"Volunteers gain experience with and an appreciation for people of diverse abilities.”

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, and the personal rewards and experiences are something you will have for the rest of your life. Volunteers are very special at Camp PARC and we greatly benefit from a volunteer’s time, talents, and generous spirit.

More than 500 volunteers donate countless hours to Camp PARC each year. Without our dedicated and caring volunteers, there would be no Camp PARC. Volunteers make a direct impact in our mission of enriching the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. We have opportunities for both individuals and groups to volunteer time with Camp PARC.

Full-time volunteers are individuals who serve as senior staff, medical staff, custodial staff, junior counselors, peer buddies, resident staff assistants and media staff during the week of camp and are required to stay on the campground day and night for the duration of the session. In addition to camp, many of these volunteers help with leading various fundraising activities and planning throughout the year. If you are interested in participating as a full-time, resident volunteer at Camp PARC 2018, please fill out the 2018 staff application and one of our directors will be in touch with you.

Daily Volunteers assist with camp maintenance, support the camp kitchen, assist in arts and crafts, provide support for fundraising events, operate carnival games, and more. We always have volunteer projects that individuals or groups or organizations can do.