The Youth Mini Camp Session pairs up to 30 campers, age 6-17, with energetic and compassionate student volunteers, known as Junior Counselors, who are in direct care of their assigned camper. Adult volunteers, known as Senior Staff, supervise the Junior Counselors and provide leadership for the various activities. The Junior Counselors provide round-the-clock care and participate with their camper in recreation, crafts and entertainment revolving around an annual theme. Past themes have included, Adventures in Storyland and Celebrating America.

One exciting way in which the Mini Camp really stands apart from the Main Camp is through our Peer Buddy program. In addition to having a Junior Counselor, each camper also has a Peer Buddy with them for the entire session. Peer Buddies are positive, enthusiastic role models (ages 6-17) whose whole job is to be a good friend to their camper.

For many of our campers, the Camp PARC experience may be their first time away from home and their loved ones. The three-person team of Junior Counselor, Camper, and Peer Buddy gives a little extra support and attention to these younger campers; the Peer Buddy gives our Junior Counselors a helping hand; and our Peer Buddies gain the valuable opportunity for growth and service at a young age.

Youth Mini-Camp Session will be held July 15 - July 18, 2018. Applications are now available. Please contact our Camp Directors at or 814-410-5343.