The Adult Mini Session is an overnight camp experience for adults (ages 18+) who have never been away from home and would benefit from a shorter camping experience, or adults who are no longer able to keep the pace and meet the physical demands of the full week session, or adults, who, for whatever reason, may not be ready to attend a full week camp session. Residents of this session will reside for four nights/five days.

To effectively meet the individual needs of each camper, this camping session will be limited to the participation of 30 campers. Each camper will be assigned their own counselor (1:1 ratio), so that each participant will receive the individual care and attention necessary.

Daily camp activities will be enhanced by the yearly theme and will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the participating campers. Campers will participate in activities that correlate with their physical capabilities and agility level.

Throughout this camping session, specially selected activities, centered around our annual theme, will also engage the attending campers in socialization experiences, not only with their peers, but with non-handicapped individuals of all ages as well. Camp PARC takes pride in the number of volunteers that participate in our program each year, ranging in ages from 6-75 years old.  Campers attending adult mini-camp will have opportunities to interact and socialize with all who attend.

The Adult Mini Session will be held July 7 - July 11, 2019. The fee for 2019 Adult Mini Session is $275.

For more information or to receive an application, please contact Ted or Judy Risch, Camp Directors, at (814) 410-5343 or email